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Welcome to the website of Allround Make-up Artist Carly Dilys Heemstra. Beneath this text you find my most recent work. You can click on 'portfolio' for the rest of my work, whereas my work is subdivided into different categories. The first blanc category shows you all of my work. The category with the diamond icon stands for Beauty make-up and hair. The brush stands for Bodypaint. The icon with the scissor stands for hair and the magic wand for special effects make-up. For most of the projects I styled the hair myself, if not it will tell you who did, because I like to give credits to the people I work with. Moving on to the next page 'about'. Within this tab you can find some information about myself 'Carly Heemstra' and my business 'Carly Dilys'. It contains links to my professional facebook page, LinkedIn and E-mail. My education and extra courses I took are also listed under this tab. So, What's up next? I am currently working as:
  •  Freelance Make-up & Hair artist at BLIB (best look in business)
I am also currently available for new projects. To finish, I would like to tell you that my ultimate goal is to get to the United Kingdom as an intern, to grow and improve myself. I would like to work at the UK because there is more variety in filming, for example, fantasy or horror movies that contain more special effects on set. Thank you for visiting my page and I hope you like it! - Carly Dilys make-up and hair -

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